Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An ordinary blessing.....

What a wonderfully blessed day with my mom. It started with a slow riser (me) and joining her for a home made breakfast (by her) of oatmeal pancakes with apple/banana warmed topping. She always makes me a nice flavored coffee, juice and of course I ate my Activia yogurt too. (It really does work ladies like the commercials say, TMI?) Then we had Grands brand cinnamon rolls for dessert :-)
We then went to Nelson Floor to see if my good friend Cary can find a carpet that she likes from another flooring company that we'd rather not work with......Hmmm, kinda shows that working with rude people loses business for a company.......anyway, he's working on it.
After Nelson Floor we went to the carwash because for some reason, someone decided to egg my black car and since I didn't see it all weekend I was unable to get if off last night. So, they got most of it off....still has some bleeding out from under the fin on the trunk lid....not sure why anyone would choose to do that....
After the carwash we went to Pierson's and visited with the kitchen cabinet maker to send an estimate, which is already in my in box (very efficient of her) and we sat around the fire and looked at kitchen idea books! There was another lady with her father (very elderly) who had obviously gone there just to have coffee and a cookie and look at the books. They sure blessed us with their conversation with each other (we eaves dropped!). We got another carpet sample for mom to "squint" at some more......
Off to Shafer's Hardware (mom and I love hardware stores!) to buy Leon Chalmers (the Asst. Coach at EHS) a birthday gift for the birthday bash at Garrett & Kelley Montana's house on Saturday. What a fun family......The Chalmers and Montana wives are sisters!
We then returned carpet samples to the un named carpet store, though it was the carpet she likes.... and went to lunch @ KFC.
Off to my house because the garage door opener quit working the day it was installed, so he was calling to say he was heading out to fix it.....not quite fixed yet, it needs a part, however it will really bless Dennis by helping him get in the door easier when he arrives home from work.
This whole day was spent with my best friend, my mom. She and I have great conversation, spiritual and every day kind. I am so blessed to have her in my life. She listens and shares and it is so wonderful. I had a friend tell me recently that her ex-boyfriend told her that she was a momma's girl, well pooh on him....little does he know that he was giving her a compliment! I am honored to say friend that I am one of those too! Luv u friend!
Bless you!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Chilly morning.......

What a crisp clear morning! A fire in the fireplace, dogs on the rug and a cloudy day turns into a bright and beautiful day..........just love this area the Lord has blessed us with.

This afternoon I'll be heading to Pierson's to an appt. with the cabinet estimator. It's been difficult to cook for a large crowd with one oven that barely works. Last year we managed with a countertop roaster and we felt blessed to have family around. Dennis is so much help too. However, we are hoping to move the two new ovens and the cooktop from the garage into the kitchen by the holidays. Here is what we are remodeling: (see pics);

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Grown Up Girlfriends

What a wonderful way to get going in the morning! 9am at the church we enjoyed a great breakfast by Shirley Box. Jill & Janelle taught us how to make pretzels! We had a nice time sharing around the table. Then Jenny talked to us about November's devotion, which sounds amazing!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's fall......

I love this time of year! The Lord blesses us with beautiful fall leaf colors and a crispness in the air!
My female Bishon Frise is possibly pregnant and we are getting excited. We already have 2 for sure takers, so I hope she has at least 2 puppies! This will be her first and last litter, as she is getting to be 5 years old now this month.
Exciting things are happening @ Scrapper's Edge here in Eureka with Sondra's liquidation sale, so that she can clean out and order lots of exciting new stock! Follow her by going to her link on the right column.
Also, Deb Allen is also listed over on the right as a Stampin' Up demonstrator! She is so talented! And she has some very great ladies who join her once a month to stamp amazing cards. Check out her site and possibly her monthly meetings!
Lovin' the Grown Up Girlfriends @ church. Tomorrow morning will be another fun time for us "older" ladies! Come and join us @ Eureka Nazarene Church @ 9am tomorrow!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Scrapper's Edge recipe book....

OK, so I know I haven't been on line for a while, and you could/should be waiting for "the rest of the story"...........so I will finish posting the rest of the recipe binder for you all to see, BECAUSE it is so amazing!
My "excuse" for not posting is that the MS has pretty much consumed my life every evening! BUT, no pity please.......as the Lord is my strength! It is so good to know just how very blessed I am and that the majority of people have it so much more difficult lives than I will ever have.
Also, yesterday Dennis & I hired a couple of guys that finished our front yard on one side. Trying to get the house ready for Tara to graduate on June 19th! We will have a graduation party for her here @ our house. I'll post pictures later......
One more thing that will be an "attempt" at trying to get scrapbooking and photos to be more of a daily blessing.........search the words Project 365 and you will find that the scrapbooking/photograpers are doing a project and it entails taking one picture every day for 365 days. Then they are posting them on their blog, or scrapbooking them! I'd certainly like to try it!!! How about you? The year goes by so fast, it would be so awesome to look back on our lives over a year and really appreciate just how blessed we really are! Will you join me?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Recipe book!

I am so excited about this recipe binder! You can see that it's made from scrapbooking supplies. And where do I get those supplies? Sondra's store: Scrapper's Edge on 4th & I St. in Eureka! It is the perfect gift for a sister or a friend. I'll show you the inside in future posts. Study this outside cover and wet your appetite for the up & coming unique pages inside! Or go see Sondra! She has kits for it!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Daily musings........

Been working alot around the house. Trying to get Dennis' garage made into a shop for him. One of Tara's friends is helping with the heavy stuff. The sooner that happens, the sooner he'll start the remodel of the kitchen.
Got a great kit from Sondra's store: Scrapper's Edge, here in Eureka to make a really cute recipe binder! Hope to get that posted here real soon. She is such a creative lady! I'm a follower for sure! Stop by her store on 4th & I st. whenever you can. She always has great ideas. The gals in there are great.
I'm also enjoying the Big Picture Scrapbooking class that I'm taking on line. I hope that I can get my years of photos organized and scrapped thru this system she teaches on line. "Photo Freedom". Even if you don't take the class, the book is amazing! Check it out on Amazon or at Sondra's Scrapper's Edge store.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Good afternoon! I stayed home from work today and hoped to get stuff done around the house. However, since I'm sick, I slept alot. I am looking forward to going on a mom & daughter outing to see the opening night of "He's just not that into you" with Tara tonight.
Then tomorrow I'll start working on the boxes that have the scrapbook stuff stored to the paper crafting sale @ Scrappers Edge on the 14th.
Still trying to work on getting this up and running smoothly, so keep checking back.
OH, and I signed up for a class @ Big Picture scrapbooking site! It starts next Thursday the 12th. Check out their classes! They are awesome!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Beginning

Hey everyone! Just wanted to get started in the creative process of having a blog to keep everyone posted on life in our home!

I'll be posting scrapbook pages and quilt projects as they become available. I'll also share recipes that I find have been great hits in our home.

There will be frequent posts of what the Lord is showing me and hopefully that will encourage you also.

So please visit as often as you wish, make yourself at home and share with me!