Sunday, March 29, 2009

OK, so I know I haven't been on line for a while, and you could/should be waiting for "the rest of the story" I will finish posting the rest of the recipe binder for you all to see, BECAUSE it is so amazing!
My "excuse" for not posting is that the MS has pretty much consumed my life every evening! BUT, no pity the Lord is my strength! It is so good to know just how very blessed I am and that the majority of people have it so much more difficult lives than I will ever have.
Also, yesterday Dennis & I hired a couple of guys that finished our front yard on one side. Trying to get the house ready for Tara to graduate on June 19th! We will have a graduation party for her here @ our house. I'll post pictures later......
One more thing that will be an "attempt" at trying to get scrapbooking and photos to be more of a daily the words Project 365 and you will find that the scrapbooking/photograpers are doing a project and it entails taking one picture every day for 365 days. Then they are posting them on their blog, or scrapbooking them! I'd certainly like to try it!!! How about you? The year goes by so fast, it would be so awesome to look back on our lives over a year and really appreciate just how blessed we really are! Will you join me?

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  1. I've been trying to do that (photo project) at least every other day, especially of my flowering tree and wisteria in the backyard. I love watching the changes which occur almost daily! Check it out!