Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An ordinary blessing.....

What a wonderfully blessed day with my mom. It started with a slow riser (me) and joining her for a home made breakfast (by her) of oatmeal pancakes with apple/banana warmed topping. She always makes me a nice flavored coffee, juice and of course I ate my Activia yogurt too. (It really does work ladies like the commercials say, TMI?) Then we had Grands brand cinnamon rolls for dessert :-)
We then went to Nelson Floor to see if my good friend Cary can find a carpet that she likes from another flooring company that we'd rather not work with......Hmmm, kinda shows that working with rude people loses business for a company.......anyway, he's working on it.
After Nelson Floor we went to the carwash because for some reason, someone decided to egg my black car and since I didn't see it all weekend I was unable to get if off last night. So, they got most of it off....still has some bleeding out from under the fin on the trunk lid....not sure why anyone would choose to do that....
After the carwash we went to Pierson's and visited with the kitchen cabinet maker to send an estimate, which is already in my in box (very efficient of her) and we sat around the fire and looked at kitchen idea books! There was another lady with her father (very elderly) who had obviously gone there just to have coffee and a cookie and look at the books. They sure blessed us with their conversation with each other (we eaves dropped!). We got another carpet sample for mom to "squint" at some more......
Off to Shafer's Hardware (mom and I love hardware stores!) to buy Leon Chalmers (the Asst. Coach at EHS) a birthday gift for the birthday bash at Garrett & Kelley Montana's house on Saturday. What a fun family......The Chalmers and Montana wives are sisters!
We then returned carpet samples to the un named carpet store, though it was the carpet she likes.... and went to lunch @ KFC.
Off to my house because the garage door opener quit working the day it was installed, so he was calling to say he was heading out to fix it.....not quite fixed yet, it needs a part, however it will really bless Dennis by helping him get in the door easier when he arrives home from work.
This whole day was spent with my best friend, my mom. She and I have great conversation, spiritual and every day kind. I am so blessed to have her in my life. She listens and shares and it is so wonderful. I had a friend tell me recently that her ex-boyfriend told her that she was a momma's girl, well pooh on him....little does he know that he was giving her a compliment! I am honored to say friend that I am one of those too! Luv u friend!
Bless you!

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